Some More of the Thinking Thing

Sometimes, you have to wear an old, soft & worn loose shirt, put on a pair of fluffy socks, and turn on your fairy-lights. Wrap yourself up in a blanket under the soft golden glow of your tapestry and create for yourself the kind of environment that warms more than just your body.

Because sometimes, other people leave your life, and suddenly, it’s your own responsibility to help yourself rise from the darkest days. Alone and on your own. There is some fear around needing to do that. And there is also a lot of power.

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It’s the last day of 2015. A dedication post is in order.

To particular friends, relatives, my family and a certain cat.

To those who come to mind when I think: joy, laughter, fun, grief, disappointment, support, tears, stories, gossip, love, affection, jokes, hugs, memories, smiles. These guys are all of that, all at once.

The best thing is, they’ll know I’m talking about them as they read on. Like, they better -.-

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