Fighting Trunchbull

Flashback that inspired a part of my Common Application’s Personal Essay (which I have been thinking about a fair amount lately, as it is a) part of the reason I have physically been where I currently am for over 7 months, and b) rather relevant to the trains of thought that leave my brain station past midnight):

Once upon a time, I called a friend of mine. Crying hard, somewhat distressed.

There’s an owl perched on the railing of my balcony, I said.

“Okay, and…?”

I want to be that owl. But I cannot be that owl, ever. I just really want to be that owl.

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Excerpts from said Personal Essay:

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Listening to a person who’s angry with someone else secretly scares me. Sometimes, the things people say about others in a moment of rage are so severe, their reactions so violent and aggressive, it frightens me! No matter who it is. It’s scary because then I wonder- what do they say when they’re angry with me? How extreme are some people about me, because I know I’ve really pissed off some people big time?
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