(Equilibrium is such a fancy word)

If a body is said to have a rotational equilibrium, the net torque –

Torque! I remember my dad telling me about this guy who couldn’t pronounce any word with ‘que’ in its spelling right; queue was kyoo-ee-oo-ee, torque torkyoo, chaque was –

Ah wait, that’s a French word. You don’t really pronounce anything there anyway. I miss studying French in school! It was nice to have something I could rely on for an A1 grade. I wish I were good enough to take the French Subject SAT.

Hey, that reminds me – my friends’ SAT scores should be out next week! I hope they’ve done well. I need to start prepping for the Subject SAT’s, too. Math II and Molecular Biology. So much work to do over the summer! College applications this year are going to consume me.

College sounds exciting, though.

I hope I make it to Brown. I can’t get it off my mind. Imagine studying with a student body that quirky and clever. And the courses and the professors! And the snowy winters. My dream school deserves a blog post entirely to itself, really. It’s perfect.

And only 3 hours away from New York City! Man, I wish I’d moved more during my US Trip. NYC was my first ever glimpse of the States. How did I manage to convince myself that a few hours of sleep were totally worth missing out on exploring the city further?! Going to get a slice of pizza and some cupcakes with only a girl my age for company was pretty cool, though. I still remember meeting a bunch of relatives one of the days, and it was the birthday of one of the kids. We had good Chocolate Cake.

Oh my god, I haven’t baked any chocolate cake since the Chocolate Lava cakes I made for Gauti’s birthday last year!

And I still haven’t given two of my best friends their birthday presents. You know, when I’d finally decided what to get them and proceeded to order the presents, Amazon flashed a “No shipping to India!” alert in my face. Both of the times. I’ve got something else in mind now. I wish I had the time to get the presents ready! 

These exams, ugh. I’m sick of studying and I need a looong vacation. If only I had another week to study. I would probably get the score I want.

I nearly can’t believe how much I have left to do! There’s still all of those seven chapters of chemistry and rotational mechanics from physics…

Oh god, rotational.
Oh god!

the net torque –

Is zero, yeah.

Bye bye, WordPress.


7 thoughts on “Stray

  1. You will get a great college I know. Brown will be lucky if you do go there finally:) If not, there will be something better meant for you I am sure.

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  2. Molecular Biology? Oh God. It sounds really hard. I know you’ll get to the college you want! I KNOW that)) Study hard and you’ll be fine)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tara Jaigopal

    (I’m pretty sure they’ll be wowed by your essays – you’re brilliant)


    • Thank you :o. I’ve been crying about writing the essays for a while now – I hate being forced to write! I can hardly believe I’ll be off to another country in a year.


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