It’s Raining

It’s raining. My side of the sky right now is grey, dark grey. It was orange and pink before. Actually, I can’t see much anymore because it’s foggy here, and raining pretty hard – my vision is blurry. It’s really cold and wet and I can feel the wind this time, it’s coming from the right side! Do you feel it too? Is there wind on your side? The clouds are almost pink and there’s crying lightning every other minute but I don’t hear it, there’s no thunder.. that’s strange

Oh god, I’ve managed to lock myself in the balcony again. I can’t get in! Hang on, it’s, like, jammed. Ugh.
Ah yes. Hello? Got in. You know, I tried playing the piano earlier this evening but I couldn’t hear myself, the rain was so loud! But it’s okay- favourite sounds here.

I’m sitting in my favourite place now and tracing the shaky, almost hesitant, path of the raindrops on the glass with my finger. It’s just drizzling now and I’m feeling nearly as weak as the rain sounds. I can see lights all over the city, there’s yellow and blue and red and white and pink and green and orange. That mall, I can actually see tiny people on the escalators through the glass facing me. There’s a woman getting out of her car on the ground floor. She’s going to have to run to her block- she’s covering her head with her dupatta! I don’t know why I’m cracking up. God I’m weird. Sorry.
The reflection of my fairylights on my window when I switch them on is so pretty! I’ll show you a picture. I could sit here forever, really. I love this weather so much.

My side of the sky is great, it’s comforting me today. How about yours?




I took these. Okay, I should probably go now.

Let’s do this when it rains again.



38 thoughts on “It’s Raining

  1. i saw the cloud wish it could be the same here too.nice post…

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  2. Yes!
    And for some reason, my app is being weird and I’m not being notified of your comments, so sorry D:


  3. Your writing screams professional, girl!

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  4. I like this very, very much :”)


  5. Also I finally figured out how to comment xD

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  6. This cracks me up every time I read it: “Oh god, Iโ€™ve managed to lock myself in the balcony again. I canโ€™t get in! Hang on, itโ€™s, like, jammed. Ugh.” I hope you’re not still stuck on that balcony. When’s your next holiday so that you can pay some attention to your blog (and you fans)? ๐Ÿ˜€

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  7. Aw.
    Yes, a poor choice.
    I’m going to stalk your entire blog some time next week, promise


  8. This is so so brilliant.
    Hey I’d love your thought on my blog. I’m always looking for ways to improve and getting feedback from a brilliant writer like you means the world! I hope you find my writing worth liking and my blog worth a follow!

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  9. I really love the 1st picture, dark and moody, threatening to rain hard, scurrying for shelter. The Bokeh effect in the 3rd photograph and really good too, I like that electric shade of blue in pictures of that type.

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