Daily Plan (A Necessary Evil)

10th to 11th grade feels like a huge jump already and school hasn’t even started yet. The fact that I’ve decided to go for Medicine doesn’t help.

Suddenly, I’m supposed to plan everything I do and well, actually do it. A Daily Calendar decides for me when I take a shower, study, eat, exercise, study, read, study, write, play the piano, study etc. I know it’s really going to benefit me but I hate how necessary it is because.. I hate it. I hate how it changes so much. There’s scores of sites you can find telling you how you should develop a strict routine and why it’s best to follow it and I agree with them completely, but it can all get a little frustrating sometimes. So while this post will majorly comprise me ranting about my daily plan, know that I still attempt to follow it willingly because I’m aware of its advantages.

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