Le Thought Depot

As one of the many objectives of my blog is to make my opinions on a range of subjects clearer, and to outsource all the thoughts brewing in my head to an editable, readable, appreciable form, I feel you’re going to get to know Maitreyi Kale and her Mind better in due course of time anyway.

Therefore, in lieu of an introduction to myself, a note on (what’s often said about) my personality, appearance, strange preferences and apparent aversions (I wouldn’t have much to post about then), I’ll kick-start my blog with a neat description of my…storehouse. Warehouse, gallery, depository (armamentarium?). You know, of thoughts. Not my brain; that’s the thought factory. But some place to record my musing. My phone.

I remember being extremely excited on learning that my mum had finally realised that my situation made my ownership of a phone a necessity. I remember enthusiastically announcing to my friends that I was goingtogetaphone! I remember hitting every single icon on my phone to check out what all it could do. That was over 2 years ago. Now, all my friends (me too, sometimes) wonder how I could ever have so eagerly awaited the arrival of this plastic, glass and metal box. “If it’s touch, then why doesn’t it have WhatsApp?!” It took me about 4 months to get really sick of that comment. I was to get only a cheap keypad thing okay, but my mum was too loath to buy me something that ugly. Thank god?

July, 2013. Yayy

July, 2013.

Hi, I have a Samsung Rex 60. Ever heard of it?


Of course not.

But. As devoid of actual uses and ‘cool’ features as my phone might seem, it means a great deal to me. I’m the sort of person who attaches emotional importance to things like sweatshirts, stones, shoes, envelopes and dust. My phone is my best means of communication in the absence of a WiFi connection and an Internet device. A friendship I place above most others was started and is sustained by this shit phone, as my friend and I aren’t in a situation that allows us to rendezvous often. Hence, believe me, I do not hate it at all. Don’t worry, it’s also got practical uses. Let me explain how Rex60 isn’t entirely worthless. It can send and receive calls and texts (in multiple Indian languages) , has a camera, Bluetooth, calendar, free dictionary, music, games (Asphalt6 and stuff k), voice recorder, calculator, etc etc. Apparently, it can even sing me morning prayers in various languages, but I haven’t tried that feature out, and probably never will, sorry. By this time, people generally stop listening because no amount of convincing will lead them to believe that my phone doesn’t deserve to be my contribution to the e-waste collection drive in school. But. Rex 60 includes a feature that’s kept me from going insane for the past one year (no, not the kind of durability that allows me to chuck it across the room furiously)- Memos.

I often used to write about whatever I was thinking, literally anything at all. The end product was nearly always something I wouldn’t want others to have access to. Pages and pages of notebooks were hence shredded, crumpled up and got rid of, regularly. Memos serve this purpose much better. No wastage, and provision of adequate security and privacy (passwords, yes, my phone allows passcode locks on apps). The only worrisome aspect is the below-average typing interface that doesn’t work like your regular iPhone keyboard (smooth, quick typing) or even Android (Swype, I need you), but requires me to actually punch the keys hard (which sucks for a quick typer like me) and often retype words due to the lack of a decent Autocorrect service that learns words I use often that aren’t found in the dictionary, or are of other languages; but I manage. And I can only store a 100 Memos at a time, so I try to clear out negativity whenever possible.

Readers, Memos. Memos, readers :3. More on their relevance later!

El fin.


5 thoughts on “Le Thought Depot

  1. I would like to read your updated post on hero I will join you soon It will interested topic to read which you will have been posted here love it very much to read hope you keep going


  2. I’ve taught you well xD :’)

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